Interview with writer/ poet William O’Brien and his “Peter: The World” series


11131790_855398377854569_532459211_nToday I’m making an excursion into almost unchartered territory on this blog: Poetry, blended with fantasy and fairytales. Let me introduce William O’Brien and his “Peter: The World” Series. Here is my introduction to his latest opus, followed by an interview with the author:

“Peter: The World – Short Poems and Tiny Thoughts” is a collection of 26 poems based upon the surreal, magical story Peter: A Darkened Fairytale.

Inside these pages, you will find whimsical poems of ‘The Light’ and forewarning of ‘The Dark’. The tale of Peter has inspired several books of which Peter: The World is the third publication and there are many more adventures soon to be released.

So, take a walk with wizards, dream of stars, drink blood with vampires and never ever listen to demons. If you look closely, you may even see sweet fairies hiding in your garden – tucked behind violet flowers…

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